Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Use This Trick To Get Maximum Out Of PokeStop

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Playing Pokemon Go is so much fun. But it becomes a thing to worry about when you are short on Poke-balls to catch Pokemon. You get a normal amount of Poke-balls after leveling up but it is not enough to catch more Pokemon to evolve it. 

The best thing is that there are PokeStops from where you can get free items. Normally we get three things at a time for spinning a PokeStop but this could be a lot more.

Reddit user Cerebr05murF posted an article in which he wrote about the PokeStop trick. Here's the brief of it:

  1. Walk to a PokeStop and spin it.
  2. You'll have to spin 10 unique PokeStop in 10 minutes to make this trick work.
  3. By unique Pokestop, we mean that all the 10 Pokestop should be different or else this trick won't work.
  4. Spin 10 unique PokeStop and you'll see that you will get 6+ items  on the tenth time which has a high chance of including an egg.
  5. You will also get 100 XP on the tenth time which is double of the normal XP you get.
  6. You can do this trick 20, 30 or 40 times too and you will get 6+ items on every tenth item. But this will work only with unique PokeStop or the chain will break.
  7. After getting 6+ items on the 10th time, you can wait 10 minutes and use the same PokeStops to do this trick again.

But before trying this trick, we want you to know that this trick is not confirmed by the Niantic Company but still many people have found it working perfectly. 

So all we can say is that you can give it a try. Good Luck and Catch 'em all !


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