Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Two men arrested for fighting over Pokemon GO in Singapore

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Pokemon Go is a crazy Game. The Game is just for fun, but few people take it so seriously.

Two men, aged 28 and 33, have been arrested for fighting over Pokemon GO Game in Singapore.

Image: Just for Fun, Its Not Real Image!

The Police said that they received a Call Last Sunday reporting a dispute between a a pedestrian and car driver at the car parking entrance of "Plaza Singapura". According to Investigators, The pedestrian was playing Pokemon GO on his mobile phone while crossing the road and The Car driver sounded his car horn at the pedestrian, and You can assume what should have happened! Both Started Fighting with each other and were arrested at the scene, Police said.

Both of them gonna face one year's jail or a fine of $5,000, police added.

We From PokeGoFans Gives You a Warning: Please Don't Play Pokemon Go in Roads or Bridges. Play It In Garden or at Home or at Footpath. The Game will Come and Go, But Your Life will not!


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