Friday, 12 August 2016

These Pokemon Go Shoes Will Alert You When Pokemon Are Nearby

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Pokemon Go is the craziest Game in the History, which has even smashed Candy Crush back. Pokemon Go is getting involved in Real Life as well as Virtual Life.

People have started making and selling out Pokemon GO Goodies, Accessories and many Pokemon Go Products to make the Game more Real. 

We already have an Official Pokemon GO Plus accessory that will alert users when Pokemon are nearby without them having to interact with their smartphones, However the Product is too far to be released.

The New Vixole Matrix is a pair of smart shoes that will connect with your mobile device. The shoes have 9 different sound and motion-responsive sensors in them, as well as a vibration motor that will provide alerts.

For Now This Shoes are only a Concept, But will be getting real very soon ( As the Company said ). 

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