Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New Update Makes Team Leaders Finally Do Something In Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has become very popular. It is being played worldwide. Every new update brings new features in it. A recent update has arrived for the Pokemon Go. And that update has brought a new feature regarding teams and battles. The new update is available for both Android and iOS users

As you already know, you have to choose a team between Valor, Mystic and Instinct on level 5. The team leader are Candela, Blanche and Spark respectively. Their names were announced some time ago but they were not active till now.

The recent update brings a new feature in which your team leader gives you all the necessary information about your opponent's Pokemon before battling a Gym. 

They give you important information such as offensive and defensive capabilities of opponent. They also tells you which Pokemon would be better to be taken into battle. 

They will also tell you which Pokemon will be most suitable to be left in the gym to defend the gym.

The team leader have started interacting now. Although it's not much but soon they will be more helpful. 


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