Thursday, 4 August 2016

Shocking Abra Stats That Will Make You More Cautious For Next Time You Encounter It In Pokemon Go

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You have been playing Pokemon Go for a long time. And it happens a lot of time that you catch a Pokemon and broke free and flee. Have you ever given a thought that which Pokemon is toughest to catch not considering their CP or rarity? 

Well, the answer is Abra. Psychic Pokemon Abra is toughest to catch in all the Pokemon. A Reddit user jordansw found out about it and posted a chart including many Pokemon with their stats such as attack, defense, rarity, catch, etc. 

If you'll see this chart, you can see that catching Abra is the most difficult as chances of catching this Pokemon is only 1%. It means that it will flee 99 out of 100 times after you throw your first Poke ball to catch it.

So, why is it so tough to catch? Well, it maybe because this Pokemon has the power to teleport. And also, in the anime series too, it was very tough to catch.

So if you're thinking to catch an Abra then be prepare. Throw your best shot after using a Razz berry. Good Luck to everyone.


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