Saturday, 13 August 2016

How To Own A Gym Forever In Pokemon Go [Egg Glitch]

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People catch so many Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It not only let you catch you Pokemon but also provides you with egg so that you can get a Pokemon after hatching it. But what is the main reason of catching all this Pokemon? 

The main reason is to power up and evolve your Pokemon to make it stronger and do gym battles. Check this Video !

Suppose you work so hard, do a gym battle and finally become the leader of a gym. And then after some hours, you find out that your Pokemon has been defeated and you lost the gym. This kind of situation makes us so angry.

But if we tell you that there's a way by which you can own a gym forever and no one can defeat you, would you believe us? No one knows how but some people were able to put their egg as the leader of a gym. An egg has 0 HP and 0 CP which makes it undefeated. 

So this makes a person to own a gym for the lifetime. Right? Wrong, you cannot own a gym for a long time using this glitch because this glitch has already been reported to Niantic Labs, and there's a possibility that people who have egg in a gym will be blocked permanently.

No one knows how were they able to do it but the ending will not be good for them. So play fair and Catch 'em all !


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