Monday, 1 August 2016

3 Features that should be added in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go Game has many bugs and new features are getting added every other week through a update.

The Game lacks many features that should be added to make the game perfect. A 9gag user Mornedil, shares his/her opinion about Pokemon Go on "How this game can be made perfect".

1. Bulk Selecting Pokemon

Transferring Pokemon to Professor is a heavy task, as one need to select individual Pokemon and then transfer each one after scrolling a while and clicking on Transfer button.

A new feature should be added so that you can do a bulk transfer.

2. Pokemon Tracking

One of the major bug of Pokemon GO is Pokemon Tracking, Recently Pokemon Go got an update which removed 3 steps glitch, but what it left? No footsteps!

A new feature should be added that at-least shows on which direction the Pokemon Is

3. Fix Unoccupied gyms

There's nothing more annoying than beating an enemy gym, only to have a same team take over the same gym again!

A new feature should be added - After a battle, Gym should take 1min to cool down and only who waited for final battle should interact with the gym. In this way those who earned the gym should have priority over gym!

via - 9gag

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