Sunday, 17 July 2016

Weirdest Places where people find Pokemon in Pokemon Go !

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Everyone is catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go. And with these new feature to use AR to catch Pokemon, this game has proved itself different and unique than other games. 

To catch a Pokemon using AR, you have to point your phone towards different direction where you can see a Pokemon and catch it. 

Pokemon fans are are using AR to catch Pokemon. But where they find Pokemon made the situation so weird and funny that they had to share that photo. So here are some weird places where they find Pokemon.

#1 In the Lawn

#2 In the Bathroom

#3 In the Kitchen

#4 Grocery Store 

#5 Near Alcohol

#6 While your wife is in labor

#7 At a baseball game

#8 On your body

Did you find yourself in a situation like this? Then send us your pic and we'll make a post of it. 


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