Sunday, 24 July 2016

Throw Poke Balls Using This Technique To Gain More XP And Catch Rate

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Pokemon go is being played by so many people. And most of them gets really frustrated when your Poke balls are over and you still need XP to level up. And also catching a Pokemon gets tougher with leveling up. Phone escapes from the Poke Ball even after catching it because the Pokemon is stronger.

So to increase your chance to catch Pokemon and also earning more XP you have to follow this new technique. A Reddit user named Sina117 has been using this technique for over a week, and he finds himself succeeding most of the time. 

When you try to catch a Pokemon, a circle appears with size decreasing. With the size of this circle decreasing, you can earn more XP by throwing the ball in this circle. 


Landing the Poke Ball in the large, middle and small circle you can earn 10, 50 and 100 XP respectively. And this XP will play a very crucial role in leveling up your level. 

Here's the video of the new technique which can earn you more XP. This actually increases your chance to throw the ball in the circle which is really difficult the normal way.

As you can see in this video, it becomes really easy to catch a Pokemon and also earns more XP. But some people have said that using this technique, there game freeze, force close, etc. This may be a bug bus you can try this technique to catch the normal Pokemon which are common and easy to find.

Try this technique yourself and let us know how this worked for you !


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