Monday, 18 July 2016

Use Incense more effectively using this trick in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go players use incense to catch some good Pokemon. You get limited incense so you have to use it carefully. An incense gives you 30 minutes of time to catch Pokemon by bringing them near to your location so it gets easy for you to catch them.

A Reddit user named __isitin__ found out a code file in Pokemon directory related to incense. It shows that a Pokemon spawns up in every 5 minutes if you are staying at one place. It means you will be able to catch 5-6 Pokemon if you use incense staying at one place. And if you're moving then Pokemon will show itself up after every 200 meters you walk in one minute.

So to catch as much Pokemon you can using incense, you'll have to walk or jog 200 meters every one minute and a new Pokemon will spawn. By this way, you can catch around 15-20 Pokemon as some of the time will be consumed in catching Pokemon and server problem.

It is recommended to use incense while you're running so that you can catch as much Pokemon you can. Incense is a rare item as you get them at the time of leveling up only. 


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