Thursday, 14 July 2016

Turn On or Off AR (Augmented Reality) Mode in Pokemon Go !

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Pokemon Go is the first game which use gyroscope sensor as AR Mode in the game to make the game experience more better. AR Mode lets you catch the pokemon by pointing your phone towards the pokemon. 

AR Mode can be turned on or off only at the time of battle or catching pokemon. This is a limitation of it as you cannot do so in the settings. 

You might want to change the mode of AR because your phone doesn't support AR Mode. Turning AR Mode off, you can catch a little farther pokemon as you don't have to enter someone's house to catch it. Also, you might not wanna point your phone to a stranger. 

To change AR Mode, touch the Pokemon. AR Mode option will appear on the top right corner where you can turn it on/off. You'll have to do this before catching the pokemon or you'll have to wait for another pokemon or battle.


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