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Symptoms of Pokemon Go Addiction

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If you are reading this , It's Likely you know What Pokemon Go is ... Yes the Game which smashed Candy Crush records and became the most popular game .

It's Likely , that you've spent long hours playing Pokemon Go and You may also have lost time, money, and friends to Pokemon Go .

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So , Starting with Symptoms of Pokemon Go Addiction -

  • Check your playtime hours 
A Pokemon Go Trainer addict plays at odd and ungodly hours , Walking every time , Trying to catch some Pokemon . Spending Most of the time at PokeStop .

You sleep late or don’t go to sleep at all, just so you can continuously play the game.

  • Check your patience

You’re impatient and constantly beg for Poke balls , Want to get rarest Pokemon , Want to get more Poke coins . Once you run out of Poke balls, you Go to different Poke Stops or buy them via Poke coins .

  • Check that you’re still living in reality

A Pokemon Go addict , Thinks most of the time about Pokemon Go . Even In dreams he / she thinks that they are playing Pokemon Go and catching Pokemon .

Playing Pokemon Go is good , but overplaying it is bad . Every Game should be allotted it's own time . 

Some People are leaving their full time job , in order to play Pokemon Go . Some are not coming to Home whole night . Some already suffered from an Accident !

Share this out with your fellow trainers and head ahead to our guide  about how to get rid of Pokemon Go Addiction ( Like our fb page for more updates ) .

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