Thursday, 21 July 2016

How to Request a new PokeStop and PokeGym in Pokemon Go !

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Pokemon Go is becoming very popular all over the world. The urban cities are filled with many PokeStop and PokeGym but towns and villages are short in them. Also people living out of the city might not find any PokeStop near them. Some people may not have many PokeGym near their house.

To change your team or your nicknameclick here ! 

Most of people might not know that you can add more PokeStop and PokeGym in your area. Adding more PokeStop will let you catch more Pokemon and also win you more rewards. 

If there will be more Pokemon then people will be able to have more game battles. You can add a new PokeStop and PokeGym by clicking the link below :

You can also report a PokeStop or Gym here. This way you can remove a PokeStop or PokeGym. This will be handy for those people who have PokeStop or Gym in their house, shop or any other personal place, and it is causing them problem. To request removal of a PokeStop or a PokeGym, click the link below :


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