Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Pokemon Go is launching in Japan Tomorrow

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Pokemon Go has already become the most popular game in America's history. The value of Nintendo has been doubled after the game's launch. And this has happened only when the game has been launched in around 30 countries of America, Australia and Europe. 

One of the most shocking things of Pokemon Go was that it has not been launched in Japan, the home country of Pokemon where all this has started. The game has become more popular than many other famous apps including twitter, tinder, etc. The game is launching tomorrow (Wednesday) in Japan.

Niantic CEO John Hanke told Forbes the reason behind this delay. The group of companies, Pokemon Company and Nintendo, behind Pokemon Go wanted to make the server tough enough that it could meet the the demand that it will generate in Japan. So this tells us that the servers are more better and robust than before.


Some things that Hanke said include 
We expect it to be released by the end of July
Well, surprise! Tomorrow has been earmarked as launch day so we won’t have to wait quite that long to watch Pokémania hit Japan.
 So finally the game is coming to Japan tomorrow, it signals that it will be soon available to other countries of Asia.


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