Saturday, 23 July 2016

This Site Tells If The Servers Are About To Crash In Pokemon Go

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The main problem that is faced by Pokemon Go players is the server crash. The game's server keeps crashing and overloading. And because of this, we are unable to play our favorite game.

Sometimes because of many people playing the game at the same time, the servers gets overloaded and the game slows down. Also, the server crashes because of the hackers taking it down.

It happens a lot that you decide to play Pokemon Go by going out but the server is not responding and your whole plan is destroyed. Sometimes, the server goes down for more than a day.

So to solve this problem, a New York based cloud monitoring firm, DataDog has created a website which tells us all the statistics about the server of the game Pokemon Go.

It records response time of the server which it use to find the traffic on the app and thus tells us the probability of the server failure in the next 30 minutes. It rechecks game stats in every 30 seconds.

So if you're planning to go out to catch some Pokemon, its better to check this website so that you don't have to waste your precious time.


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