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How to cure a Pokemon Go Addiction

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So , Pokemon Go Addicts ... You must have seen our previous post on "Symptom's of Pokemon Go Addiction" . 

It's Likely that you are spending too much time on Pokemon Go Game and want to keep it away from you , but you can't . In Today's Article we will teach you -

"How to cure a Pokemon Go Addiction" 

Put Down the game -

How to cure a Pokemon Go Addiction

Most basic way to stop you addiction is to put the game down , Just Don't delete it . 

Play Pokemon Go only when you have to go outside for market or for walking etc . Don't Go for Playing Pokemon Go .

Playing Pokemon Go while going somewhere and Going somewhere to play Pokemon Go are two different things !

You must control yourself and try to spend much less time on Pokemon Go .

Play some other game to take your mind off it.

Just Delete Pokemon Go ( Uninstall it ) -

If you find that you cannot control yourself than just go ahead and delete it ! 

Just Uninstall the game and don't think of Installing it again .

Transfer your all Pokemon to Professor -

How to cure a Pokemon Go Addiction

If you can't even control re-installing the game . Transfer all your Pokemon to Professor Willow ( They will never come back again ) .
Then You will find that there's nothing left in the game , So delete it and enjoy your life .

Get a life

How to cure a Pokemon Go Addiction

This may be a hard cure to follow, but this is the best one. If you’re a Pokemon Go addict, most likely it has affected your job, family, and relationships. Not to mention financial situation. Go back to your life before you met Pokemon Go .

Focus on your work or school. Rebuild your lost relationships with your family and friends. Get out and leave your mobile devices at home. ( Lines via wikihow ) .

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