Friday, 29 July 2016

[Exclusive] Here's how you can find "Ditto" in Pokemon Go

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Ditto is one of those unique Pokemon, Which can transform itself into any other Pokemon. Ditto cannot be evolved into or from any Pokemon.

Ditto is a rare Pokemon which is not easy to find in Pokemon Go, but a reddit user "validproof" has almost solved the mystery of "How you can find Ditto" in Pokemon GO.

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Here are some points that needs to be considered for finding "Ditto" -

  • In Pokemon Go game "Ditto" can be disguised as a Bulbasaur or as a Pikachu. There's no Pester Ball in Pokemon Go to transform the fake into Ditto, But you can watch out the eyes of a ditto Pokemon ( Which always remain small ).
  • It is confirmed that Ditto is there in Pokemon Go game, many users have already found the codes of ditto into Pokemon Go game files.

  • If you have captured a Pikachu or a Bulbasaur, try changing their name to Ditto, It will transform to its orignal shape ( If its actually a ditto ).
  • It is believed that Ditto was a failed Mew experiment. They are the only two pokemon with the ability to transform.

These are the only things you can do to find ditto for now! Do share this with other trainers and Like our Facebook Page!


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