Saturday, 16 July 2016

Pokemon Go Free Lures, Battery and More at Sprint and Boost Mobile Stores !

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Some days ago T-Mobile said that they are going to give free mobile data for one year to Pokemon Go users. Now Sprint has also taken steps to bring more customer to their doorsteps.

Sprint announced that Pokemon Go players will be given free lures. Lures can be used on a Pokestop which will make all the nearby Pokemon to come at that Pokestop. The advantage of Lure is received not only by the person that used it but also all the people which are on that Pokestop.

Other than that, customers will be given free advice by the Pokemon Go experts so that your Pokemon Catching skills can get better. 

Free mobile charging facility will also be provided so that you don't have to limit your Pokemon Go experience. You can charge your phone battery for free and continue your amazing Pokemon catching mission and become the Pokemon Champion.

Seeing this latest methods being used by companies to attract customers, it looks like other company will also walk on their footsteps. People are expecting that Verizon and AT&T will also be announcing something regarding this. 

If you're new to this game and are eager to know more and download then click here - Pokemon Go 



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