Monday, 18 July 2016

How to find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go fans are doing everything they can to catch the best pokemon they can find. They are searching at all the places to find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Some of them may find rare Pokemon but some might fail. 

Playing Pokemon Go you can see leaves rustling on the map. You can find Pokemon there. But it does not guarantee a rare pokemon. So to find Rare Pokemon, you can use an another Niantic, Inc. app. A Reddit user SkyriderRJM posted on Reddit that you can use 'Ingress' App to locates the rare Pokemon in the Pokemon Go.

Ingress is another game from Niantic, Inc. which also uses AR (Augmented Reality) to play it. It also shows you a map but with a night vision and some white shiny dots on it. These white shiny dots are XM spots which acts as an energy hotspot in the game.

Redditor thinks that this dots are the location of the rare Pokemon. Many other users have confirmed it as they too tried it and found rare Pokemon on the location. So you can use Ingress to catch these rare Pokemon.

But there are some limitations to this trick. Firstly, using Ingress with Pokemon Go it will consume double battery life as they both have to be on. Lastly, it will also consume more internet data as both the games will load their own map and both require net to being further operated.

But if you are ready to accept this limitation, then must try this trick and let us know if this really works.


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