Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to Change Nickname in Pokemon Go !

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Pokemon Go is being played worldwide. The game only runs with internet connection and all the data is saved on server. As all the data is saved on server, it becomes impossible to make changes like changing nickname.

Most of you people might not know that changing nickname is possible in Pokemon Go. However it is a long process and it doesn't give hundred percent result. But still it's worth a try for people who want to change nickname.

Pokemon Go players will be allowed to change their nickname on only one condition. The name can only be changed when the player has accidentally input their real name or some other personal information as their nickname. And also after submitting the request, it may take several weeks for Niantic Help Center to review and process your request. You can submit your request by click the link below.

In the form, you'll have to fill the following details :

  • Your email address
  • Additional info/reason for your request
  • Nickname to be reset
  • Attachments (not mandatory)
Nickname should be your current nickname and not the nickname that you want. If your request is accepted then you will be prompted to create a new nickname.
Attachments are not necessary. You can attach the screenshot of your profile with current nickname or the proof that your current nickname is personal information and that's why you want to change it.

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