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All the Ways To Earn Experience (XP) in Pokemon Go

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Everyone wants to level up in Pokemon Go as fast they can. Leveling up not only unlocks new things like ultra ball, razz berry, lure, master ball, etc. but also let a person catch Pokemon with more CP. But leveling up is not easy. It gets tougher with every level. 

There are several ways to earn XP. Catching Pokemon is the most common way to earn XP. But sometimes you don't have enough Poke Balls that you can level up with catching a Pokemon only. And this is why you need to read this post to know all the other ways of earning XP and how much will you earn with each task.

Earn 0-50 XP 

  • Train at a gym - Battling at a gym earns you XP on the basis of your Pokemon and opponent's Pokemon. If your Pokemon is less powerful than the opponent's Pokemon then you earn more XP and vice versa.

Earn 10 XP

  • Curve Ball Bonus - If you throw a spinning Poke ball to catch a Pokemon, you can earn a 10 XP bonus.

  • Nice Throw Bonus - If you throw a Poke ball in the white circle to catch a Pokemon then you earn this bonus.

Earn 50 XP

  • Great Throw Bonus - Earned when a Poke ball in thrown in the inner circle when it is half of its biggest size.

  • Pokestop - When you interact to a Pokestop then you earn 50 XP.

Earn 100 XP

  • Capturing a Pokemon - If you capture a Pokemon and you have captured the similar before, then you earn this reward.
  • Excellent Throw Bonus - Earned when Poke ball is thrown in the inner circle when it is smallest of its size.

Earn 200 XP

  • Hatching an Egg (2 km)

Earn 500 XP

  • Hatching an Egg (5 km)
  • Adding a New Pokemon to Pokedex
  • Evolving a Pokemon

Earn 1000 XP

  • Hatching an Egg (10 km) 
Other than this, you can use Lucky Egg to increase your XP faster. Lucky Egg doubles your XP earning for 30 minutes. This way you level up twice faster. 

You would have to save all the processes for this time when you are gonna use Lucky egg.. Evolve Pokemon, catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, etc all while using lucky egg to make sure you get double XP.

So now you know which process earn how much XP, go can catch some Pokemon and level yourself up.


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