Sunday, 10 July 2016

7 Pokemon Go Hacks That Will help you to catch ‘em all

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The new and Legendary Pokemon Go Game is out for Android and iOS . You can Download it from iTunes and for Android Download it from Play store or our Download Page .

We all are playing this game non-stop , but wait ! Are you giving your best to catch em all ? Are you getting extra points ? Here's 7 Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks to Get the best out of Pokemon Go !

 7 Pokemon Go Hacks That Will help you to catch ‘em all -

#1 Spin Your Pokeball for more XP - 

Just Spin your Pokeball for that will give you curveball bonus and more XP .

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#2 Yellow Circle indicates Pokemon with higher CP 

#3 Once You level Up , You can get Ultra or Master Balls from PokeStops .

#4 Use incense to attract Pokemons !

#5 To get Candies , Just transfer Duplicate Pokemons to Professor !

#6 You can enable battery saver from Pokemon Go settings menu !


#7 Don't forget to follow the all above 6 Tips and Tricks  .

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